Sunday, July 3, 2011


This headline is probably going to drive more people away from reading further than it will attract, but I am addressing a subject of vital importance to both you and your family. Frankly, I have been guilty of avoiding the discussion of my passing so this recommendation applies equally to your Commander. Please take a few minutes to read the attached article that appeared in the weekend online edition of The Wall Street Journal.

When you view the link, the article written by Saabrira Chaudhuri “The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die”, offers some very important advice you should heed before your inevitable death. This is a subject that we all want to avoid, but in fairness to your loved ones the steps suggested are all essential for an orderly settlement and/or transition of one’s estate.

We are all guilty of avoiding the discussion of our passing, but taking the proper action is really a responsible act that shows respect and love of your family. My editor and I in the coming weeks will make sure that we have the suggested information in order. Act before it is too late.


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