Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Have you noticed recent newspaper and television reports indicating that America has lost the War on Drugs? Tragically, I have to agree with those reports, but there is absolutely no reason for that to have happened except for the failure of our political leadership to take the necessary action to eradicate drug importation, distribution, and consumption.

Repeatedly I have written that it is my theory that our politicians are complicit in permitting the Drug War to fail. Our politicians are more interested in securing additional votes by failing to address illegal immigration and they have ignored the necessary action to secure our borders from infiltration by illegal immigrants and the flow of illegal drugs.

Increasing the sentencing guidelines that result in extended prison sentences is not the answer, and it has resulted in many individuals being jailed when they should have been forced into treatment centers. Jails are expensive and all too frequently result in creating criminal activity once the individuals are released.

Lawyers and judges are responsible for permitting some serious criminal elements to skip on their offenses when they should be deported or jailed. Responsibility for the failure of the War on Drugs goes right up to the Presidents Office, both Houses of Congress, and the Justice Department.

I recognize that I am taking a strong position, but I honestly believe that our politicians are complicit in permitting drugs to flourish in this country. Some are directly involved with the drug dealers, some are sympathetic to secure the drug dealers and their families vote, and many fail to secure our borders in such a fashion that would prevent the smugglers from importing drugs, and illegal immigrants.

Bring our troops home from wars our government has no intension of winning, and place them on the northern and southern borders and you will see a reduction in drug imports. You will witness a reduction in drug usage and consequently a reduction in the number of people in our expensive prisons.

As part of solving the War on Drugs we should drug-test all recipients of taxpayer supported welfare, food stamps, and unemployment support payments. If recipients fail drug tests, payments should immediately stop and the guilty should be brought before a Judge. If individuals are found to have drugs in their body they should be charged for the expense of the test too. This action will save the country millions of dollars and abuse of our welfare programs that we all know exists.

Drugs are a huge part of our growing economic problems, and this cancer can be dramatically reduced if our leadership has the political will to take the necessary action. It can be done, and we all must remember that drug importation and usage is against the law in the United States of America.


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