Sunday, March 6, 2011


In the March 4th edition of USA Today, founder Al Neuharth suggested that President Obama and the American public read ‘The Wrong War’ by Bing West who is a decorated Vietnam War Marine veteran. The subtitle of the book is ‘Grit, Strategy and the Way Out of Afghanistan’.

I wanted to include a copy of Neuharth’s column in this commentary, but being cheap I refused to pay USA Today a fee for a simple copy of their recently published material. Actually copyright law prevails and I am not about to break the law, so I will just comment briefly.

Rarely do I agree with Neuharth’s liberal positions, but in this case I strongly support his position against the further involvement of American troops in Afghanistan. Both Neuharth and West are correct that we are in the Wrong War and the cost of 1,381 American lives and $455.4 billion is simply not justified. The article’s call for Obama to read the book is proper and I hope he will act upon Neuharth’s recommendation.

Your Commander finds it most interesting that Neuharth closes his column saying “I voted for Obama for president, But….” Do you suspect that the wagons are beginning to circle around the man who acts and thinks he alone knows more than anyone else in the World?


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