Monday, March 21, 2011


You can call it anything you want…NO FLY ZONE…peaceful intervention…United Nations Resolution…it is a War against the forces of evil that are led by Colonel Moammar Gaddafi who President Reagan referred to as “the mad dog of the Middle East.” As we heard on the Sunday morning talk shows bombs are falling that are killing innocent civilians, because bombs cannot fall without causing collateral damage.

Just consider the fact that our government is again misleading all of us when it says that America is not leading the intervention that is supported by a United Nations resolution. In view of the fact that French jets were the first to enter Libyan airspace, don’t let yourself be fooled. American support aircraft were first in the air reporting essential intelligence for targeting before the French jets left their bases in Corsica. We were firing missiles off American naval vessels in the Mediterranean Sea, which is not a secondary role. Now we learn that American bombers flew missions over Libya that originated from bases within the confines of the good old USA.

Reporting that we are not the leaders of the intervention is a pure smoke-screen, because we have put American military lives into “harms way” again without any action by the Congress of the United States. We now are spending hundreds of millions of dollars from an already sparse treasury in the name of questionable national interests without a specific end-game.

In the meantime we have President Obama and his family touring South America and announcing that we intend to buy oil from their newly developed off-shore deposits that were funded by overly generous American foreign aid. We do not drill off-shore domestically, but we send our dollars and jobs to Brazil so they can drill. Shocking!

After only the first day, our American naval vessels fired 124 Tomahawk missiles at a cost of at least $600,000 each or about $74 million, and that represents only a small portion of our total expense thus far in the interest of a humanitarian supportive endeavor.

Who is kidding who? At least Obama’s trip to South America is cheaper than War (I think). Give me a break!

Stopping Gaddafi is desirable, but let’s stop kidding ourselves, the American public, and the entire World community. This is not an intervention fully supported by the American government. Obama is using American military superiority, and endless sums of American dollars. The way this is being presented to the electorate is another example of Obama’s current ‘CAMPAIGN MODE’ re-election campaign, and it is easy to see through his delayed decision smoke-screen. If a quick solution does not develop this supporting intervention could well be his Achilles heel as far as second term plans are concerned.

My brother-in-law sent his thoughts in an email this morning and I want to share them with you:

“Where is the liberal outcry about the US bombing Libya?

They have done nothing to us.

They are not a military or terrorist threat to us.

They do have a madman killer as a leader, but that should be none of our business, right?

That was the argument against Iraq. If this was Bush doing this, the liberals would be going into a meltdown over it.

The good news for all of us of course is that Obama is ‘monitoring’ the situation from his vacation in Brazil.

Whew! That is a great relief!”

Despite the rhetoric that there will be “no boots on the ground in Libya,” I am afraid that the U.S. Marines will shortly be returning to THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI. The actions in Libya can be called many politically correct names, but it is really the third War currently being fought by the United States of America. With this commitment, what is next?


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