Monday, March 14, 2011


When you read your morning newspaper today I hope you saw syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer’s accurate portrayal of the status of our Social Security entitlement program. With our economy tipping up and down on a daily basis, voices on both sides of this emotionally charged issue are making all kinds of wild and inaccurate pronouncements.

The major reason little or nothing is being accomplished on the major issues confronting us is the fact that politicians are already focused on the next national election coming up in 2012. President Barack Obama is already in “campaign mode” and will not touch any issue that could possibly cause him to lose so much as one vote. Senators and Representatives are already running and collecting campaign contributions for their next election so they, with rare exception, are not interested in addressing any controversial problems of the day.

Tragically our politicians are all in “campaign mode” and we the taxpayers are feeling the pinch on a daily basis. Why has little or nothing been done to adopt any of the obviously appropriate recommendations of the Obama Debt Commission? Obama called for the Commission, but he is politically paralyzed to adopt any of their recommendations until after the next election. DISGUSTING!

There are clear solutions to Social Security and our Congress and President should resolve them now or our debt obligations will continue to spin out of control. The actions of Congress and previous presidents when it comes to Social Security IOU’s are identical to the Bernie Madoff Ponzi fiasco. Because of the “rob Peter to pay Paul” actions of our elected officials, some of our fellow citizens will be forced to accept revised benefits, which would not have occurred had proper action been taken years ago. This is what we get for kicking the can down the road, and fouled political leadership.

If you missed the Krauthammer article here is a link for your use,0,3408896,print.column

Where is the leadership that we were promised in all those campaign promises? A few tough, clear speaking political figures are beginning to emerge, but it will be interesting to see if the electorate is smart enough to take advantage of their “tough love” approach to solving our problems today, not down the road at some vague date and time.


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