Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The world is witnessing the destruction of a human being by the name of Charlie Sheen. The latest series of shockingly sad behavior is being exploited by all of the media outlets, and a naïve public is eating it up, which is equally disturbing.

Sheen has secured nearly two million fools to follow his Twitter account. Personally I consider that one fact an extremely disturbing commentary on the values held by those citizens. One must wonder just how far the American value system has fallen when sick, pampered, over-paid entertainers like Charlie Sheen are admired and fawned upon. Finally profit driven CBS and Warner Bros., the producer of Two and a Half Men, have come to the conclusion that enough is enough when it comes to Sheen’s antics. First they stopped production of the show for the season and now Charlie has been fired.

It is your Commander’s opinion that Sheen’s parents and family must face the facts that this man needs professional care that will probably require them to have him committed and placed under court supervision. Perhaps he should be declared incompetent. To permit this sick individual to roam the streets of America is both dangerous to his person, and to anyone he comes into contact with as he continues to spin out of control.

45 year old Sheen has been in and out of trouble for more than 20 years! He has assaulted a number of women, including a wife or two, is well known to frequent prostitutes, has had gambling problems, alcohol and drug addictions, trips to rehab, fathered five children and divorced three wives. Is that a person who deserves adulation? Give me a break!

I continue to have great abiding respect for human life, but I find it sickening to turn on my television set and open my newspaper and find that the most important event of the day is the latest sicko comment emanating from an egotistical deranged mind. Why do we thrive on this kind of stuff? Personally the world will be better off if we move on to really more important issues of the day, and not ever hear Charlie Sheen’s name again.


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