Saturday, March 19, 2011


Students of history remember the slogan “NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION,” which came forth when the British government instituted on the Colonies the Stamp Act in 1765. Although the British Parliament repealed its ill-advised action the next year, John Adams wrote “the people were more attentive to their liberties, more inquisitive about them, and more determined to defend them.”

It is your Commander’s opinion that those words appropriately apply to the recent actions taking place in several countries in the Middle East, such as Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain. History has proven time and time again that people will permit their subversion just so long until they step up and rebel against evil and oppressive leadership. Liberty is the ultimate goal of all mankind, and was the foundation and goal of the American colonial movement which resulted in the revolt against British rule and our Declaration of Independence.

While we will not know for many years to come just what forms of government will ultimately prevail in these Middle Eastern countries, we do know that the people demonstrating are seeking liberty. I support and pray they achieve their liberating goals.


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