Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Permit me to draw your attention to a very alarming article that appeared yesterday on AOL News written by Stephen Ohlemacher. Essentially he reports that anticipated increases in Medicare monthly fees could effectively mean no Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for 45 million Americans currently receiving both Medicare and Social Security payments. Here is a link to the article for your review.

When you consider that Social Security recipients have not received an increase in their COLA payments since January, 2009 this will bring forth another hurdle for President Barack Obama in facing his re-election campaign. The obstacles for a successful return to the White House are mounting almost on a daily basis. Recipients of Social Security are a vital segment of the electorate that is becoming increasingly disturbed by the increasing economic pressures that decrease their daily quality of life.

Once senior citizens are further aroused they will put pressure on their younger family members for assistance, and that too will influence a further negative reaction to Obama’s unsuccessful economic policies. The 2012 election is developing into a real mountain for all the candidates to climb, and it certainly appears to be a campaign that is growing in importance and will impact our lives for decades to come.

Obviously the charisma that gave Obama fawning front-page campaign coverage has dimmed as his inability to solve a growing list of problems confronts his administration. The CHANGE we were promised is certainly not the CHANGE we desired and anticipated. Social Security recipients have no where to turn for economic relief, but to the ballot box and they will crawl to the polls, if necessary, to seek essential remedial leadership. The bloom is clearly off the Obama rose, and it will be extremely difficult to reinvigorate.


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