Monday, March 14, 2011


We all get unsolicited mail and recently I have received a rather obscure new magazine titled FAST COMPANY. I suspect it is directed at the young tech crowd, but somehow I get the magazine monthly at no cost so I glance at it. There was an interesting article in the latest edition with a headline that caught my eye “Forget $100 Million. MICHELLE RHEE Wants To Spend A Billion”. Numbers like that really caught my eyes so I read on.

You may remember that Michelle Rhee is the young education activist who came to national attention when she shook up the Washington, D.C. School District. However, when the controversial Mayor was voted out of office, Rhee lost her position, too.

Education is one of the hot-button issues of the day and I believe you will find the article well worth your time and attention.

The work that Rhee is promoting is really at the heart of the troubles festering in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and Florida where Teacher Union contract terms cannot be sustained with shrinking State budget restraints. Obviously Rhee is an attention-getter and your Commander is somewhat suspicious of the way she is approaching her future endeavors via her establishment of a foundation.

Educational reform is clearly necessary, but it remains to be seen if our complicit political operatives have the guts to objectively address the core issues. Your Commander does not see how our politicians can continue to take massive sums of money from the various Teacher Unions and not find them in a clear conflict of interest.

Certainly we need more Michelle Rhees involved in addressing improvements in the education of our future generations, but when you put politicians into the middle of the discussion they are guaranteed to reach so many compromises that nothing will ultimately be accomplished. Currently we have the politicians and teachers on one side vs. the parents, students and taxpayers, so it appears to be a draw without any improvements except throwing more unaccountable tons of money at the problem in the name of THE KIDS, while test scores and accomplishments continue to decline.


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