Thursday, March 10, 2011


Have you heard about the live sex demonstration that took place February 21st at Northwestern University? As you might imagine, the Chicago media exploded with stories that included interviews with the Professor, J. Michael Bailey, who permitted a live “kinky” sex act to be performed in an optional after-class lecture following his popular Human Sexuality class.

Now even the Fox News Channel has addressed the issue. The story is bound to directly impact Northwestern’s highest levels of administration. After calls from alarmed alumni and parents, the President of Northwestern, Morton Schapiro, said he was “troubled and disappointed”, which to me is as shocking and as inappropriate as the original disgusting act. Troubled and disappointed? Hell, why wasn’t he immediately highly critical of the professor and announce immediate remedial action?

If you are interested, below are links to articles from Chicago papers:,0,165983,print.story

This incident makes me sick to my stomach, because it is so similar to the Charlie Sheen fiasco. Several questions come to my narrow mind, such as where were the Evanston, Illinois police when there were over 100 witnesses to a lewd public act? I suspect the professor will be protected by the much abused classification of tenure.

Although I suspect Schapiro has already “lawyered up,” I guarantee that he is certainly worried about the impact this lewd criminal act will have on the university as personnel seeks donations. I doubt under our current liberal-leaning, union sympathetic, federal administration that the Department of Education will take any action to withdraw federal funding from Northwestern.

If I was the parent of a child enrolled at Northwestern paying its exorbitant tuition, I would be up in arms demanding punitive action. This professor’s action goes way beyond “academic freedom.” The live sex demonstration was pure and simple deviant unlawful filth, and the university president says he is “troubled”.

The latest developments include WGN-TV leading its prime-time news with a long piece reporting that the majority of students support Professor Bailey. He now has apologized, but stated “There are real, important issues here, including optimal limits on academic freedom, the effect of sexual attitudes on education, and sexual rights and responsibilities, among others. A great university, such as Northwestern University, should be a place where people are not only free, but encouraged, to debate our most contentious issues.” BALDERDASH!

In the future the Professor will probably go on watching nut-case sicko’s conduct sexual acts in the name of “academic freedom”, and continue to teach before packed classrooms of “truth seeking” students who will buy his next book with their parent’s hard-earned money. Additionally, if I were a betting man I believe that the president of Northwestern University will, and should, shortly announce his retirement so he can reflect upon his big fat excessive pension.


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