Thursday, March 24, 2011


The emotionally charged debate on Social Security solvency continues unabated, and there is a recent article written by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer that further explains the truth about this festering problem. Your Commander just wrote about this issue March 18th drawing your attention to an earlier Krauthammer dissertation, and now here is another one that counters President Obama’s budget chief Jack Lew’s faulty claim that the Social Security trust fund is solvent through 2017. Please take a look if you have not already read the article.,0,7521807,print.column

Do you wonder, as your Commander does, why our major media outlets do not challenge statements such as Lew rendered when it is clearly obvious that he is telling a bald face lie? I suggest that it is a basic responsibility of our media to ferret out the truth whether it comes from the left or the right, the Republicans or the Democrats. I am getting to the point that I do not believe anything emanating from politicians in Washington. The TRUTH on many issues of the day would go a long way in solving our most pressing problems.


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