Tuesday, March 8, 2011


If you have been on this planet for the past few weeks you are well aware of the actions of Democrat Party elected officials in both Wisconsin and Indiana who have abandoned their duties and fled to the adjacent State of Illinois so as to avoid a quorum and deny passage of proposed legislation. They have obviously forgotten that the voters sent them to their respective State House or Senate to conduct the business of the people and they took the Oath of Office to conduct those duties.

When legislative business came before these bodies and the minority party disagreed with the contents, knowing that they would lose the vote, they abandoned their duties and fled like petulant children so a quorum would not exist. I consider their action to be disgusting and highly unprofessional.

I am so disturbed by the recent action in the Indiana House of Representatives I sent the e-mail below to Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer.

"Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer,

As a taxpaying citizen I want you to know that you and your fellow Democrat Representatives who have abandoned your elected responsibilities are a national embarrassment to all Hoosiers who believe in and support representative democratic government. It is apparent that when you held the majority position in the State House you used your majority to pass legislation that favored your positions, but now that the people of the State of Indiana have voted you and your party out of the majority you are taking your ball and have run out of the State just like a petulant young child. Representative Bauer, you are no longer a child and it is time that you act like a mature citizen and accept the will of the majority performing your elected duties. Shame on you and your associates who have abandoned their elected duties.

F. Robert Kalthoff
Granger, Indiana"

Please note that I would write a similar e-mail if Republicans were the offending political party, because the action taken is inappropriate. It is apparent that similar acts of defiance by elected officials may take place in other states, due to the union labor movement’s position being threatened by pending legislation. Pending legislation has been motivated by unsustainable financial issues, and is not intended to destroy legitimate rights of government and private sector labor unions. It is obvious that some corrective action is necessary to get financial houses in order in state after state across this country.

This matter is so important to the future of this country I hope that you have made your voice heard to applicable elected officials in your local community, and state government. Frequently I make my strident voice heard by my elected representatives on the local, state and federal level on the vital issues impacting the future of the United States of America.


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