Thursday, March 10, 2011


When I posted my favorable review of Alex Berenson’s first novel, THE FAITHFUL SPY, I said I planned to read his remaining three novels in the order they were written. My first exposure to Berenson’s work was THE SILENT MAN, the third of the five books he has written.

I am happy to report that Berenson seems to grow as an accomplished writer with each book. THE GHOST WAR, his second novel, is action packed with a carefully crafted story that keeps the reader turning pages well into the early hours of the morning. I literally could not stop reading about the series of events cast around the world that came together with a heart stopping escape across the Yellow Sea from the arms of an evil, power hungry Chinese Army General who is also a Party Leader.

THE GHOST WAR carries the lead characters from Washington, thru Tehran, Iran, fierce fighting in Afghanistan, the Hamptons on Long Island, Geneva, Switzerland, then Beijing, China, on to the safety of South Korea, and finally back to Washington. Again the lead character, John Wells, gets into and out of one impossible scenario after another to save the good old U.S.A.

Your Commander cannot wait to load my Kindle with Berenson’s next work, THE MIDNIGHT HOUSE, and then conclude with his latest best seller, THE SILENT SOLDIER. To say the least I am hooked on Berenson’s tomes, and you will be too.


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Ken said...

Go Kindle! Publishers may cringe the way the music industry bowed to the influx of digital downloaded music... no more heavy books.. but maybe more reading? Will it balance out? The Commander reads so much already that he may not be the ultimate test.. :)