Friday, March 18, 2011


That is the title of an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal today, and if you have not already read it you can see it at:

Your Commander wants to go on the record that I am totally opposed to the participation of the United States in the United Nations Security Council’s resolution to authorize military force against Libya in the form of a “No Fly Zone.” I do not trust the United Nations, and it should be noted that Russia, China, Germany, India, and Brazil abstained from voting on the resolution.

It is my contention that the United States was correct in supporting this resolution with our vote, but not with a commitment of American military personnel or equipment, because the second an American aircraft is lost or a Libyan civilian is killed, we will be the evil villain accused of attacking a sovereign Muslim country. We are currently fully involved in conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and should not participate in a third conflict, because it is far past the time for other countries to spill their blood and money.

Don’t you find it extremely interesting that our good friends who are the recipients of massive American foreign financial aid abstained from supporting this UN resolution? When Russia, China, Germany, India, and Brazil opposed this action, my caution meter went to full alert status.

This is a propitious time for the United States to sit one out when it comes to serving as the policeman to all the world’s problems.


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