Thursday, March 17, 2011


With the tragic events emanating from Japan, the contentious battles occurring in several States to address their budget shortfalls are falling onto the back pages of our local newspapers and securing fewer minutes on the network news and cable talk shows. In several States Democrat members of the House of Representatives have taken leave of their Oath of Office and fled to adjacent States abandoning their duties so as to avoid a quorum.

It is said that money is the “Mother’s milk of politics” and your Commander contends that the massive amount of money contributed to our politicians at both the federal and state levels is corrupting the system. When you consider the amount of money involved, it is simply a bribe that buys the vote of the recipient. When you review the summary of contributions made by employee unions (particularly government employee unions) as listed below, tell me that the system is not corrupt. It makes little or no difference if it is Republicans or Democrats, voting integrity is polluted.

The following information came to me in a recent email. It shows the source to be the Center for Responsive Politics, Washington, DC.

"Just in case anyone wonders why Obama and his cronies are so hot to support labor unions, particularly government employee unions, check out the contributions.
Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors1990-2010

Democrats - D
Republicans - R

American Fed. of State, County, & Municipal Employees
$40,281,900 - D
$547,700 - R

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
29,705,600 - D
679,000 - R

National Education Association
27,679,300 - D
2,005,200 - R

Service Employees International Union
52,620,470 - D
1,184,900 - R

Communication Workers of America
26,305,500 - D
125,300 - R

Laborers Union
25,734,000 - D
2,138,000 - R

American Federation of Teachers
25,682,800 - D
200,000 - R

United Auto Workers
25,082,200 - D
182,700 - R

Teamsters Union
24,926,400 - D
1,822,000 - R

Carpenters and Joiners Union
24,094,100 - D
2,658,000 - R

Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union
23,875,600 - D
226,300 - R

United Food and Commercial Workers Union
23,182,000 - D
334,200 - R

17,124,300 - D
713,500 - R

Sheet Metal Workers Union
16,347,200 - D
342,800 - R

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union
14,790,000 - D
818,500 - R

Operating Engineers Union
13,840,000 - D
2,309,500 - R

Airline Pilots Association
12,806,600 - D
2,398,300 - R

International Association of Firefighters
12,421,700 - D
2,685,400 - R

United Transportation Workers
11,807,000 - D
1,459,300 - R

Ironworkers Union
11,638,900 - D
936,000 - R

American Postal Workers Union
11,633,100 - D
544,300 - R

Nat'l Active & Retired Fed. Employees Association
8,135,400 - D
2,294,600 - R

Seafarers International Union
6,726,800 - D
1,281,300 - R

Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Washington , D.C."

Liar’s figure, but figures do not lie. Your Commander firmly supports the right of workers to organize and be represented by a Union, but the Unions are taking the workers Union dues and buying votes to guarantee excessive wages, health care payments and unsustainable pension plans. State governments cannot print money to meet complicit Union agreements and they must get their budgets in balance or total economic collapse is imminent.


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