Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Is anyone surprised to learn that the GAO (Government Accountability Office) has reported that there is vast waste and corruption in numerous existing government programs? Your Commander wonders just how much the GAO investigation cost American taxpayers, because even the average man on the street knows that our government at the federal, state and local levels is wasting money and is riddled with corruption.

There are two articles originating from nationally recognized news sources that suggest that this news is something we have not known. If you are interested you can read for yourself by hitting the attached links:,8816,2056452,00.html

I pose a simple question. Just how long have we been receiving reports emanating from the GAO about waste and corruption? I suggest that we have received reports for decades, but nothing of significance is accomplished by our complicit politicians. They hold endless hearings and spend more and more of our money, but nothing actually happens, and more importantly no money is ever saved, while the budget increases yearly.

Your Commander cannot remember a time when it was as important as it is right now to clean house in Washington, most state houses, and many local governments. Commission after commission has reported ways to reduce expenses, consolidate overlapping departments, cut into corruption, but nothing ever gets accomplished. This problem exists, because you and I do not demand accountability and responsibility from our public officials.


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