Thursday, August 27, 2009


When the controversial Stimulus Bill was being rushed into passage, President Barack Obama assured the American public that Vice President Joe Biden would supervise the distribution of the funds. We were assured that Biden would work tirelessly to assure that the money was well spent, and that there would be no shenanigans.

Well we now see just what the rush to passage has given the American taxpayer for their money. WASTE to a massive extent is the result of Biden’s over-sight. First we learned that 10,000 checks for $250.00 went to individuals who have been dead, some for at least 50 years.

If that was not sufficient to cause a public uproar, we now find that 3,900 prison inmates received checks too, and technically 2,200 received the money legally. The law as written permitted as eligible individuals who were not incarcerated in any one of the three months prior to the recovery package being enacted. Thus, the other 1,700 checks were just a mistake.

No wonder the American public is up in arms and becoming more vocal each day as the level of concern rises on the pending Health Care legislation. With our national debt escalating daily, and the estimated cost of the Health Bill increasing, we must determine exactly what the pending legislation includes before there is another rush to passage.

I can hardly wait to hear our President’s continued praise of Joe Biden’s performance. When I was working I would have been fired if I had a record similar to Uncle Joe’s. This lack of concern for fiscal integrity is essentially the reason our national debt is so high, because our government is run by politicians, and not responsible, experienced business people.

Your Commander strongly suggests that someone conduct an objective non-partisan performance review on Vice President Joe Biden. We cannot afford to permit the continued raid on our pocketbooks. Obviously the word accountability has left the Washington vocabulary, and play book.


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