Thursday, August 20, 2009


A local car dealer in my community has used that statement as part of his commercials for many years. As we journey down the road of reconciliation relative to the Health Care Bill and learn each day of the problems occurring with the Cash for Clunkers program this car dealer’s commercial expression came back to my mind.

Yesterday, long before the New York Times article appeared today, I learned from an impeccable source that the New York Automobile Dealers Association was immediately calling for their members to stop all activities with the Cash for Clunkers program. Their reason was quite simple: because the federal government was not approving a huge percentage of the applications and virtually no money has been paid to the dealers.

Additionally, yesterday I learned that the Dallas/Ft.Worth Automobile Dealers Association is calling for their members to stop all further participation in the Cash for Clunkers program for the same reasons.

While the government program has resulted in a significant improvement in automobile sales, the back end of the deal has been a disaster for the dealers. Additionally, many dealers have virtually no inventory and the automobile manufacturers have not increased production. Little or no consideration was given to actually fulfilling the details of the program by our federal leadership, thus a disastrous result.

So, I suggest that when we consider the pending Health Care legislation we remember my local car dealer’s tag line, “IT’S JUST THAT SIMPLE.” When will we learn that NOTHING is just that simple? Not buying a car, not the Cash for Clunkers program, or the Health Care Bill.

How can we possibly expect the Health Care Bill’s execution to be any better than the Cash for Clunker program? Here we go again with another rushed plan with little or no consideration to the ultimate consequences. We, the participants, will pay for Congress’ repeated failure to address the after effects of their decisions. We will pay for it in more ways than just monetarily. I smell big trouble based upon our federal government’s long established record of recurring failures.

Months ago I suggested that we need to slow down and not rush into actions that will cause long lasting harm to the citizens of our country.



Christopher said...

The Cash for Clunker's failure is a warning to the American people that the programs the government set up fail us. Obama said it best, FedEx and UPS compete and do well while the USPS is losing money. Bingo, Mr President! You said it best, yet the media hasn't picked up on it. I hope the average Joe wakes up before its too late.

Texas Lieutenant said...

Small correction.. DFW dealers org did not call for it's members to quit.. it was the National Auto Dealers Assoc. DFW was worried about the big "loan" dealers are making to DC since they are not getting their Clunker money. All in all, excellent points here Commander.. I would say though that the Clunkers program was very good for consumers who cashed in on cars that may never have been worth what they got for them.