Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Tragically, I am coming to the conclusion that the voters in the United States are either just plain dumb or are completely brain dead. How can we continue to elect and re-elect individuals to high office who do not abide by their oath of office or the interests of their constituents?

Would you have voted for Barack Obama if you knew that he would appoint thirty-three individuals as Czars? Who gave him the authority to create these additional layers of bureaucracy? I have asked my local newspaper repeatedly to tell us who these people are and how much they are paid, but I cannot get an answer. I don’t know why they refuse to provide that information or service. Your Commander wonders if any of the Obama appointed Czars operate fuel efficient automobiles. Hypocrisy rules in Washington.

Would you have voted for Barack Obama if you knew he would nationalize both General Motors and Chrysler? Who gave our president the authority to fire the CEO of General Motors and invest our money in those companies? Why was Congress not consulted in the nationalization of some of our most significant banking institutions?

I find it most interesting that a man who taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago repeatedly disregards or violates the Constitution he swore to uphold. It is important to note, too, that Obama was not a Professor as he has claimed on numerous occasions. Per FactCheck.Org Barack Obama’s actual title was Senior Lecturer and not Professor, which was first exposed by then Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The difference between a Professor and a Senior Lecturer is that the former has tenure, and Lecturers do not. Unchallenged Obama has frequently misrepresented his University of Chicago official title.

Did you endorse or approve of the passage of the Stimulus Bill knowing that our legislators did not have time to read the contents of the massive, pork-laden legislation? It is now apparent that we, the voters, were told a lie when we were assured Shovel Ready projects would commence immediately. Who is being held accountable for the extensive misuse of Stimulus money? Nobody is the answer. Does it surprise you that a significant portion of the Stimulus money has gone to communities where Obama received high voter support? As I reported earlier hundreds of stimulus checks went to individuals who have been dead for many years. Were we not assured that Vice-President Joe Biden would be held responsible to see that there was no waste in the Stimulus Bill?

Why do we repeatedly vote for leaders who say one thing and then do something directly opposite of their original position? American voters were promised CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY, and we have gotten the same old political double-speak. Did you vote for a massive increase in our national debt? Do you approve of the proposed CAP AND TRADE legislation? Do you support the pro-union legislation against a secret ballot, also known as CARD CHECK? Do you approve of health care reform for the nation that does not include members of Congress and other government employees?

Personally, I refuse to be told that I should drive a small automobile that is more fuel efficient when I do not know of one of our national leaders who is operating one of those vehicles. Washington’s streets are packed with SUVs and limousines, not small fuel efficient cars. It starts with our President flying excessively all over the world in a fuel consuming expensive luxury jet at taxpayer expense. Why do we permit our legislative officials to continue to take taxpayer paid junkets all over the world without any oversight? Why are you and I told to not pollute the skies, but it is ok for them to fly back to their districts every weekend to see voters and raise more re-election money?

Our government made it very clear that troubled companies were to stop having meetings in Las Vegas and other fashionable locations, but apparently it is acceptable for the Social Security officials to hold a training session at the Arizona Biltmore Resort that cost in excess of $700,000, when it is widely known that system is going broke. Obviously our government operates under a different set of rules than those forced upon the taxpayers. Do you suspect that the ownership of the Biltmore made a substantial contribution to the Democrat campaign?

I do not see any of our political leaders making sacrifices, but I do see our officials becoming further isolated from the daily problems confronting the taxpayers of this country. Our elected are living in an elite, isolated world and getting richer each day. We who are paying their bills are getting poorer each day and being required to live under their thumbs. We are just damn fools and they are laughing all the way to the bank at our expense. WAKE-UP AMERICA. We elected these people into office and we have the ability to toss them out!


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