Sunday, August 23, 2009


Everyday I learn something new, and today is certainly no exception. My wife gives me a desk calendar for Christmas each year and the one for 2009 is from The History Channel and notes events that occurred in the past on each given day. Upon reading my calendar this morning, I learned that on this date in 1784 a section of North Carolina became the independent State of Franklin.

Recognizing that I am getting a little long in the tooth, I do not remember reading anything about this historical fact. Four counties formed this short-lived sovereignty, which later became a part of what is today eastern Tennessee.

I went to my computer for more information, and found two very informative articles that I suggest you read should you have any interest in learning more about this little known historical development.

We have very good friends in Granger who have just built a home in eastern Tennessee and perhaps do not know that they could have been living in the State of Franklin!

Having traveled through eastern Tennessee on numerous journeys I found this information to be quite fascinating and hope you did, too.



Ensign EP said...

Interesting bit of history. I too had never heard of the State of Franklin.

Texas Lieutenant said...

Interesting indeed. I've always wondered about how the original colony borders were determined. How did Rhode Island and Delaware end up with such tiny slivers. Then a state like North Carolina was so large it could afford to cast parts off and then claim them back again. Seems like an excellent research project for the LT. I'll get back to you if I have results!