Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Those alarming words are a direct quote from Michelle Malkin’s new book and are truer today than at anytime since the founding of our magnificent democracy back in 1776. In the months since the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44TH President, three important books have jumped to best selling status in the first weeks of their release. Your Commander suggests that their success and revelations are directly responsible for a growing skepticism of our new administration and the Congress collectively.

First, Mark Levin’s still top selling LIBERTY AND TYRANNY was regarded as a scholarly eye-opener. Then, Glen Beck’s COMMON SENSE was released, which continued the conservative drum-beat with solid research. Now, another block-buster jumped to #1 status with Michelle Malkin’s CULTURE OF CORRUPTION. I have just finished Michelle’s book, and I did that in two sittings, because once you start you just cannot put the revealing book down. In all three books the research makes the author’s works something unique, and deserving of #1 ranking.

While I do not want to spoil your read, I draw your special attention to the chapters on the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and ACORN, which document criminal corruption that if permitted to go unaddressed will destroy our American way of life. I predict that Michelle Malkin’s book will go down as one of the finest examples of effective modern-day investigative reporting.

All three books continue to be jumping off the shelves of book stores across the nation. Collectively they, along with a few well regarded talk-radio personalities, have awakened the electorate, and we are seeing the true reaction in prominent national polls. Already the White House is scrambling for cover, and adjusting their positions in an effort to recapture voter acceptability. No matter what the liberal spin-doctors say the bloom is off the rose, and the Obama mystique is forever influenced. Congress is running for cover, and the November 2010 election will hear previously sleeping voices. Liberals, conservatives, libertarians, Democrats, Republicans, and Constitutionalists all should read these three books.

Two very appropriate quotes lead Michelle’s book:

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
George Washington

“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.”
Bess Myerson

There is a wonderful very old Persian Empire expression that comes to my mind that I believe is most appropriate during these times of turmoil, “When it is darkest, one can see the stars.” Personally I am encouraged that our voices are being heard and will redirect our great nation course back to realism, responsibility, and respectability.


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Texas Lieutenant said...

Troubling fact that huge government leaves big plums for crooks to grab.. Giant stimulus will certainly get skimmed. And the economy weakened media is unlikely to detect it as it might have in the past. The media today is very good a crowing about things.. but not so good a true journalism, as you have noted before Commander!