Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The #1 book on the best seller list this week is Pat Conroy’s new novel SOUTH OF BROAD. This fictional story is about a group of young people who grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.

My great Editor and I frequently vacation in the beautiful low-country of South Carolina, and we love everything about this unique part of America’s south. Architecture, food, southern hospitality, the weather, and the god-given landscapes all make the low-country a memorable and pleasurable vacation spot.

Conroy, a local resident, has captured the charm of South Carolina with his wonderful ability to tell a story. Few authors have his unusual ability to make you smell the fragrances of the flowers as he walks his readers along the streets of Charleston. While I must warn you that the story is quite dark, it is a wondrous read. I highly recommend that you pick-up a copy of SOUTH OF BROAD. Conroy’s latest best-seller is another sweet charmer just as is southern hospitality.


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