Sunday, August 23, 2009


Watching a television interview I was attracted to reading Ronald Kessler’s new book, “IN THE PRESIDENT’S SECRET SERVICE,” so I headed to my local Barnes and Noble store for a copy. If you read the cover’s comments you will get a good summary of the book’s contents.

There are a few interesting tid-bits of behind the scenes information about recent Presidents, such as Obama, Bush one and two, Carter, Johnson and Kennedy. We have known for years that many of our Presidents could not keep their pants closed, and we have long heard rumors about poor behavior, and there are some very interesting stories about our spoiled leadership. It was pleasant to see someone have the courage to make complimentary remarks about the Bush family’s kindness and support of their protectors.

The big story, to me, is the shocking message that the Secret Service is seriously under-funded. Most surprising is the fact that the Secret Service is cutting corners on the protection of our Presidents and senior leadership. The author predicts these actions could ultimately result in a serious breach of the Secret Service’s mission that might cause the death of one of their protected leaders.

The appearance of this book on the best selling list proves our sad desire to inhale gossip about first families. Save your $26 dollars and go to your local library. This is a small book, so it won’t take you long to learn the secrets behind and within our over-worked, under-funded Secret Service.


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