Saturday, August 1, 2009


As our Congressional delegations are rushing toward their long summer campaign fund-raising vacations, frantic action is taking place in the Halls of Congress to markup the Health Care legislation prior to the recess. While I personally detest this type of language I must be guttural when I say, somebody is going to get screwed and they won’t like it when they wake up in the morning.

Repeatedly I have ranted about our elected officials rushing to judgments without proper analysis and consideration of the ramifications of their actions. On several occasions I have harped about the failure of our Press to properly inform the electorate, and the polls are all telling us that voters are very concerned about this Health Care Plan. How can we, the voters, and the legislators reach objective decisions when we do not know the details of the programs being proposed?

Let me remind you that one of President Obama’s campaign promises involved time for the public to read proposed legislation on the internet and it would be posted for at least 5 DAYS before a vote took place in Congress. Hasn’t happened yet!

It is said that a little knowledge is dangerous. Well I believe that expression is very appropriate, because I suspect that special interest groups and a select group of influential legislators are pushing through legislation that will not be in the best interests of a significant portion of the electorate. There is a growing pungent smell to the actions going on in Washington, and it should scare the hell out of every single citizen in this country.

Remember we were promised that the Stimulus Bill would not have any Pork in it and look at what we got. The leadership did not even give the members of Congress time to read the legislation’s details and the same damn thing is apparently going to happen again.

It is now time to DEMAND transparency. Assuming we are fortunate enough to have the vote delayed until after the adjournment it is incumbent upon you and me to voice our opinions to our Congressmen and Senators. Hopefully, some honest journalist will provide us the details on the Bill so the uninformed hoard can speak to their representatives appropriately.


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