Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sorry, but I must again address the situation that is spiraling downward in historically troubled Afghanistan. Normally, I open the New York Times website each morning just to get my heart rate elevated, but today I was pleasantly surprised to read a totally rational opinion being expressed by Bob Herbert in his Op-ED titled, “The Ultimate Burden.” We are fortunate to get some good reporting for a change, because that liberal blow-hard David Brooks had the day off.

Sometimes it scares me to see expressions printed in national publications that echo those stated in my earlier commentaries, but that sounds a little egotistical. Anyway, I urge you to hit the hyperlink below for a solid report on the true situation confronting our troops and the American public.


Quoting from the closing portion of Herbert’s objective article I want all of us to really start thinking about our involvement in this particular cesspool of the world. “Well, if this war, now approaching its ninth year, is so fundamental, we should all be pitching in. We shouldn’t be leaving the entire monumental burden to a tiny portion of the population, sending them into combat again, and again, and again, and again.”

To repeat my earlier position, Afghanistan is our Korea and Viet Nam all over again. We really only have two choices in this situation, and that is to WIN or get the hell out of there. Tragically, I no longer believe our leadership has the will to WIN, and in the meantime our finest are subjected to become cannon fodder.


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