Monday, August 24, 2009


You need not be a Republican or a Democrat to wonder just where Attorney General Eric Holder stands on the performance of his sworn duties to uphold the laws of the United States of America. Just today the New York Times carried a top of the page headline titled, “Justice Department Division Wants CIA Abuse Cases Reopened.”

I am not operating with any significant degree of in-depth knowledge or research, but it seems to me that our Justice Department under Eric Holder’s direction keeps reopening old cases that hark back to the last Republican Administration. The Obama administration is full of individuals who never served in the military and appear hell bent on casting our country in a negative light to the rest of the world. It just may be a case of perception suggesting reality, but I do think that is the case.

It is your Commander’s opinion that we are witnessing one of the most politically corrupt Attorneys General in recent time. Before you start yelling about breaches of proper behavior by Bush’s first Attorney General, John Ashcroft, let us just consider a few facts.

Where are the prosecutions of the obviously corrupt financial gurus from the Wall Street meltdown? Where are the indictments of political operatives in Congress who have blatantly dodged their tax obligations? Why have members of President Obama’s Cabinet been permitted to just pay a small penalty on their unpaid tax bills? What is the status of investigations into alleged improprieties at Countrywide, AIG, and General Electric, among others? It surely appears to me that our current Attorney General is operating a politically partisan Justice Department. If you are a Democrat you get a pass, but if you are from the other side of the power structure you’re in for big trouble, or at least a huge legal bill.

No one seems to be looking into the reported facts that all too many Washington insiders suddenly come into vast sums of money as they serve the public, such as Rahm Emanuel’s sudden financial success during the Clinton Administration when he served only a few months on the Fannie Mae Board. Now we have tax cheats like ex-Senator Tom Daschel (D-ND) serving as a consultant to our president on Health Care, totally disregarding the fact that Daschel was forced to withdraw as Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services Nominee. He could not get through the confirmation process because of his tax cheating, but he is a trusted consultant to the president?

The smell of big-time Chicago style influence peddling is much in fashion in Washington. This is not to say that previous administrations have been squeaky clean, but this one has its own particular foul aroma. If this the CHANGE and TRANSPARENCY we were promised? Scum is scum, and nothing has changed along the shores of the Potomac River, just the names of the players.

Apparently Eric Holder is too busy trying to find a way out of the growing political unrest that has developed from the hasty decision to close Guantanamo. Now we are spending valuable time and mega-sums of money to find a new place to incarcerate these terrorists when they are already secure outside our precious land. This obviously is another example of the Obama Gang spending money we do not have in our depleted treasury. I will not be surprised to see our Attorney General turn his troops against those “un-American” Tea Party protesters soon, but will continue to ignore members of ACORN, the Service Employee’s International Union (SEIS), and illegal aliens who violate our laws daily.

Isn’t CHANGE grand? It just proves that money can buy just about anything, including influence, protection, and even more money. Nothing changes in politics, it just takes on a different stench.


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