Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Months ago your Commander wrote regretfully that he was withdrawing his long planned estate commitment to the University of Illinois because of their botched handling of the NCAA ruling against Chief Illiniwek. Additionally, I expressed my disgust with their retention of William Ayers as a tenured Professor at the Chicago Campus.

Having expressed my intensions way back on March 17 of this year, I have now been reassured that my action was appropriate. Now the University is totally enmeshed in an admissions scandal that extends into the highest ranks of the administration, and the entire University Board of Trustees. It is obvious that the political corruption that has long cast a shadow over the entire state has negatively impacted the integrity of this great institution long renowned for academic excellence.

The Chicago Tribune recently carried a great article outlining the fact that six expensive law firms have been retained to address this debacle, and the resulting internet comments called for total exposure of this embarrassing action.

The Governor has called for the entire Board of Trustees to resign, and thus far only three have taken his advice. I suggest that the Governor fire all of the Trustees and the top administrative leadership if it is found that they had any involvement in influence peddling. It is time to clean house and return this once proud educational institution to its place as a noble home of educational excellence. Political clout cannot be permitted to enter the admission office where public dollars fund the school’s very existence.

The only good thing that has occurred from this scandal is to see the political junkies (rats) run for cover.


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