Tuesday, May 31, 2011


If you are anything like the Commander then you too have become addicted to everything connected to the booming computer world. Just the other day I received an email with a video link presentation by Eli Pariser. In it he directed attention to his theories concerning “FILTER BUBBLES.”


After viewing this piece the first thing that came into my mind was George Orwell, Big Brother or the Monster with one eye controlling everything we do. Is this progress or manipulation? Don’t get me wrong, because I certainly do not want to go back to my days of thumbing through the dictionary or pounding on my old typewriter…BUT!

For quite sometime I have been talking about the need for unfiltered information, and especially in the critical area of news. I have long been concerned about our need for non-biased, objective news presentations. Pariser certainly gives us something to think about with his oration.


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