Friday, May 6, 2011


Action adventure writer Alex Berenson has done it again in delivering a first-class product with his fifth book, SILENT SOLDIER. Berenson returns his hero, John Wells, to the Middle East to save the world from terrorist elements directly tied to elements of the Saudi Royal family.

Just like Berenson’s four previous thrillers, the action in SILENT SOLDIER is non-stop in each chapter, and the depth of his research is specific beyond my wildest expectations. Woven into each story is a very important call for vigilance to the ever growing terrorist threat to the American way of life.

Last evening when I picked up my Kindle I noted that I had read 75% of the SILENT SOLDIER story. As the suspense built I could not put my Kindle down and I stayed with the story to its exciting and surprising ending with Wells finding the kidnapped American Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in a house in Mecca.

There still remain many dragons for John Wells to slay, so I am anxious to learn when he will be returning to his old stomping grounds in the Middle East to conquer the next threat to the good old USA.


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