Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Those who follow my work on a regular basis will remember that I recently (April 28th) addressed Senator Harry Reid’s journey to China with nine other senators and their spouses, and another article has come to my attention that I must share with you.

Let me to draw your attention to an extremely revealing and probing article by Al Kamen that appeared in The Washington Post, because it highlights the waste and foolishness that flourishes in Washington these days.

Several apparent questions come to mind when reading this article, i.e., Why was the trip secret? Why were wives included when there were supposedly security issues? This kind of deceptive practice and just plain waste of American taxpayer dollars is occurring in Washington all the time and it is my intent to keep exposing this kind of abuse to you whenever it comes to my attention.

Apparently Senator Harry Reid and his henchmen love Chinese food, and they must think there are no really good Chinese restaurants in the District of Columbia, so they must travel all the way to China on your dollar and mine to satisfy their craving, greed and hypocrisy. And, oh yes, provide the wife with a little vacation as well.


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