Sunday, May 1, 2011


As I write from my study, I am fortunate to gaze out on a beautiful landscape of greening expanse that very recently was deeply covered in a blanket of white snow. Fortunately that all too long chilling view has melted away and as the temperatures slowly climb there is the first evidence that SPRING is finally coming again to northern Indiana.

In addition to the greening of the lawns and the first buds on the trees, is the appearance of long absent birds such as Blue jays, Robins, Red Wing Black Birds, Crows, and even a few beautiful Red Cardinals. The spring birth of little bunnies and chipmunks are skirting around the bushes searching for their first meals from the new growth.

With this we have a growing number of golfers hitting the links, but they are heavily garbed due to the strong swift winds blowing in from not too distant Lake Michigan. Our home sits adjacent to hole #8 on the East Course.

With the spring comes the much needed rain, but recently that has been excessive and is preventing the local farmers from planting their crops at the normal time. Predictions are already warning that the late summer and early fall crops will be reduced by the late planting.

With the warmer weather we have the usual crop of dandelions and weeds, which are another representation of the cycle of the seasons. While the big trees have yet to fully open their leaves there is clear evidence that will happen very soon. Our sole blooming Magnolia tree is beautiful, but it is clearly struggling to keep its beauty due to the strong winds and blowing rain forcing the blooms to cover our lawn with a blanket of white.

As my years advance far too quickly I really have grown to appreciate each new spring season. I know I have seen more than I have left to enjoy in the future…it is just a matter of fact and time. Thus, I appreciate the joy of renewal that comes with this spring, and I pray that you are enjoying and appreciating it as I am.


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