Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If you had an opportunity to listen to President Barack Obama’s speech from El Paso, Texas yesterday you could not possibly miss his frequent distortions of the immigration debate, at least I could not. He frequently said that the issues were distorted by his opponents (the Republicans), and he urged a bi-partisan debate leading to an early passage of a comprehensive immigration bill.

Before he finished Obama said that he had “flooded the border with troops and technology to seal it tighter than ever,” and you and I know that to be a total political distortion of fact. The border is tighter, but not secure. He further took a direct shot at the Republican opposition as “not being satisfied.” He joked, “Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they’ll want alligators in the moat.” It seems Obama’s bi-partisan approach was short-lived.

As long as our president supports and endorses ILLEGAL entry into the USA, and champions forgiving those individuals who broke the law of this country, I will not agree with his phony, emotional, self-serving political twisting of the facts.

His speech was purely political and another of his early re-election campaign efforts to garner much needed votes from the Latino community. He frequently laced his remarks with emotion grabbing stories of poor families being pulled apart by harsh immigration actions. Those remarks were solely aimed at pulling at the heart strings of the millions of illegal immigrants now getting their pockets stuffed with massive amounts of entitlement dollars.

I am strongly in favor of a fair immigration plan, but not until the borders are secure, and illegal action is not endorsed by our government. ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL! This speech was another perfect example of Obama’s lack of leadership, and represented a totally partisan political re-election campaign speech paid for by the gullible U.S. taxpayers. In other words Obama said “If you are an illegal alien and you vote for me I will make you legal. Forget the law, just vote for me.”

This is not only sad, it is simply another example of his all too frequent “PAY FOR PLAY” schemes.


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