Monday, May 16, 2011


Permit me to draw your attention to an interesting and informative article that recently appeared in the Chicago Tribune regarding the controversy brewing between the long-serving St. Sabina Parrish priest Father Michael Pfleger, and Cardinal Francis George. For the record, I am not a Catholic, and I probably should keep my nose out of this issue, but I feel compelled to add my opinion to the debate.

Please take a look at Dennis Byrne’s Chicago Tribune article:,0,2139699,print.column

As an outsider, I suspect that if you’re a member of the Catholic Church you have a strong opinion on this festering debate, but it is my opinion that Cardinal George has the right to assign Father Pfleger anywhere he so desires. Has Pfleger done good work at St. Sabina is without any question, but he has long been a lightening rod in the Chicago Archdiocese

Simply put this is a challenge to the leadership of the church, but Pfleger is again inserting the race card into the emotionally charged debate. With all the problems in the world, the Catholic Church and religion as a whole, this fight is simply a case similar to a spoiled child challenging authority.

As I see it, Father Pfleger is jeopardizing all the years of his good work because he has strutted and postured in front of his Congregation his disobedience to his Boss. However, his long-time entitlement-parishioners are eating up his arrogance, and no doubt everyone will come out on the short end of this stick. Sad.


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