Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Early this morning when at my computer, an article from written by Joe Eaton jumped off my AOL screen and grabbed my attention. The piece contained shocking revelations about the number of limos owned by Uncle Sam. As he noted some of these vehicles were ordered back in the good old days of the George W. Bush administration…trying to be fair and balanced.

On the chance you missed it here is the link to the story:

It is one thing to place the blame for the increase limos on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but I place the blame at the top where the buck stops...give me a break, a 73% increase in the number? If we need so many secure armored vehicles to protect our diplomats and dignitaries then I suggest we probably should not have our people in those places anyway. Both Iraq and Afghanistan are two places we should leave to their various unlawful tribes to self-destruct and figure out another way to keep those countries from being a safe haven for terrorists who want to harm us.

When in the hell is someone with one ounce of sense going to step forward and bring some sanity to our government? If you or I were guilty of misdeeds such as those disclosed in this article we would be in the slammer, and it is about time that the same action should be imposed upon many of our privileged self-serving government officials.


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