Thursday, May 26, 2011


Back in November of 2010 I ran across a startling article by Chicago Tribune reporter Antonio Olivo that addressed a subject I had not heard of before: permitting foreign investors to jump to the head of the immigration line if they invested money in local projects that created jobs.

When I read Olivo’s long article I immediately became suspicious and where there is smoke there is usually a fire. In this case, there is a very questionable investment promoter with a colored history of bad behavior. With immigration being one of the hot political issues of the day I suggest that you take the time to read the article at:,0,2899873,full.story

Personally, I do not like this deal and I am disappointed that our government would fall for it. It is loaded with pitfalls for fraud by fast dealing opportunists. Additionally, immigration is not something that anyone should be able to enhance due to one’s personal wealth. There are no doubt hundreds of thousands of people around the world waiting to hear that they will be allowed to emigrate to the United States of America.

When our government sets aside 10,000 visas yearly for foreign investors, their spouses and dependent children, it is opening the door for massive illegal behavior by some unsavory wealthy individuals. It is shameful that when politicians get involved, money is always somewhere in the deal and the gate is open for unethical wheeler-dealers. I think the EB-5 program is correctly addressed by a McHenry County, Illinois resident, “Excuse my French, but, as a nation, we’re becoming whores.” Your Commander totally agrees.


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