Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Within a few days, specifically May 16th, Chicago’s longest serving Mayor, Richard M. Daley, will step-down after serving a record setting twenty-two years. Having been born and raised in Chicago, and having close family members still residing in the city, I have a great familiarity with Mayor Daley and his late father Mayor Richard J. Daley, who died while in office. To say that they ruled a legendary political dynasty is an understatement, because between the two they have cast a long, memorable legacy that will be long remembered.

Much has been written both pro and con about the Daley family, and looking back over the years I must say that I feel they collectively made many positive accomplishments, and always fended off many criticisms of their machine politics and corruption. Since I am now an outsider looking back I will give Richard M. a strong A- and his father, Richard J., a B+.

I am strongly opposed to Chicago’s next mayor, Rahm Emanuel, for a number of reasons but especially because he was hand-picked by outgoing Mayor Daley and the Democrat political machine the very second Richard M. announced that he would not seek another term. If anyone ever doubted that machine politics rule Chicago, this was a perfect example of the influence and dominance of the Chicago Machine that now extends deep into Washington, D.C. and the White House.

Here is a link to a very good article written by Chicago Tribune highly regarded columnist John Kass. If you take the time you will see an excellent summary of Daley’s plusses and minuses during his years in office.,0,3260675,full.column

Should you still be interested in further information about the younger Daley, there is a great deal of data available in an extended Wikipedia article, link below:

Like him or not, Richard M. Daley sure made his Dad proud by his many accomplishments over a historic period of time. Each time I return to my hometown I am most impressed by just how beautiful the city is now, especially the Downtown area, the drive on Lake Shore Drive, and along the unique Magnificent Mile. There is just no place like Chicago, and I am proud to call it my old hometown.


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