Sunday, May 1, 2011


Like him or not, support him or not, you must agree that the recent media attention granted bloviating Donald Trump relative to President Barack Obama’s long questioned birth certificate forced Obama to respond. The recent release of the long cloaked official birth certificate is simply recognition that Donald Trump’s persistence forced a petulant and reluctant President to influence Hawaiian State officials to avail his long-form certified birth certificate.

If this action begins or ends Donald Trump’s run for the Presidency is anyone guess, but I suspect we have not heard the last of “The Donald.” He has long been a publicity hound, and the frustrated American public is eating up his act. Will I support him?…NO. However, a growing number of our fellow citizens will gather behind his antics, because he is asking and raising questions that have been festering in the minds of millions of anxious and suffering Americans. Many of Obama’s voters accepted the words of the American main-stream media that were unquestioningly favorable to Obama’s election, but since that time they have begun to ask questions as Obama’s promises have not born fruit. Trump is currently raising some of the questions that are brewing in the disgruntled voters minds.

Personally, I like the questions Trump is posing, and I even like SOME of his suggestions when it comes to our handling of the ever tenuous relationship with China. When it comes to wanting Trump in the big chair in the White House I am troubled. With all his wealth and influence I do not understand why he would want to pursue the Presidency, but undoubtedly he just wants to stir up the pot, and generate publicity for himself.

Currently Obama is very vulnerable when it comes to his re-election, but do not count him out, because the long tentacles of his Chicago political machine are quietly forming in their new offices in Chicago’s Prudential Plaza office building adjacent to Grant Park, where your Commander once worked for 29 years. Obama has already sold his soul, his presidency, and the U.S. Constitution to the American Union movement in return for their massive financial support. Just watch the Union member’s dues money again cascade into Obama’s campaign coffers.

Just what the future holds for ‘The Donald’ is still to be determined, but we must all tip our hats to him, because he accomplished something that no other individual or organization has been able to achieve. Trump forced Obama into an action that he literally spent millions to avoid. Now if Trump can force the release of Barack and Lady Obama’s sealed college records he just may be a real Presidential contender.

Trump’s recent vulgarity laced appearance in Las Vegas was not prudent, but it did continue to keep his name in the discussion. He continues to press questions that many American’s are pleading for action and resolutions, and Obama is reacting with increasingly strident comments. Just when we thought the ‘birther issue’ had gone away there are several emails floating around the internet challenging the authenticity of the released birth certificate. If there is one shred of accuracy to those claims we are all in for a national calamity.

Trump may yet force Obama to regret having called him a carnival barker before the next election. Like him or not, ‘The Donald’ has the money, the media savvy, and the guts to ask the questions that demand answers before the next election. If he runs in the 2012 election cycle the media and the Democrat Party hatchets will have a field day smearing him, and the world will have another reason to look upon our once great country, and ask just what in the hell are those crazy Americans doing to their country?

If nothing else is accomplished by Trump it may be that he forces both Obama and our national media to answer several important questions that both have failed to address and/or embargoed, since Obama first announced his plans to run for the Presidency. Hold on to your chairs, because it is going to be a bumpy ride.


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