Thursday, May 5, 2011


The title of this piece is almost identical to an article written by conservative flame-thrower Michelle Milkin at Here is a link to her spiel:

You may remember that your Commander wrote critically about the dysfunctional House Ethics Committee back on April 1st, and here we are about five weeks later, and absolutely nothing has taken place in bringing Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) before the Committee for a resolution and appropriate action addressing her deeds.

As Milkin’s report clearly outlines, Waters should not be permitted to move about stirring her race-baiting line of baloney one more day, let alone for eight additional months. With three clear violations of improper conduct facing Rep. Waters, why has the House Ethics Committee not moved forward?

One would logically think that with the Republican majority now steering the Committee action would be swift. Apparently both the Republican and the Democrat members of the Committee are so busy taking junkets during the current two week recess and collectively protecting the back-sides of their fellow representatives that just action is an infrequent conclusion.

It appears that once they get elected to the inner-circle of the House of Representatives members are immune from appropriate legal action under the rules of a complicit and corrupt Ethics Committee. Tragically, we have permitted these clowns to ignore the rules that apply to you and me. WHY?


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