Thursday, October 28, 2010


If you are a frequent reader of your Commander’s commentaries you will remember that from time to time I have made reference to my work "beta-testing my La-Z-Boy chair." Enjoying my chair is one of the great joys I have found during my 12 wonderfully rewarding years of retirement. Obviously when I have said this, I have done so with tongue in cheek, never thinking that someone really had a job like that.

Recently one of my very best friends sent me a fabulously funny newspaper clipping that surely one-ups your Commander.

Reported by the Universal Press Syndicate:

“A June (1995) Toledo Blade story reported on the work of Mike Pixley, who tests La-Z-Boy chairs at the company plant in Monroe, Mich. Pixley rocks back and forth 2,800 times a day, earning $6 per hour. Supervisor Judy Fay praised Pixley as “self-motivated” and a man who “sets (his) own personal goals.”

Obviously, Pixley is one hell of a lot smarter than your Commander, because he has found some damn fool who let's him relax and get paid for it at the same time. Hey Mike, you are one smart character!


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