Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I believe both the electorate and the main-stream media are sick and tired of this torturously long Mid-term campaign. In all my 79 years I cannot remember such a plethora of negative, inaccurate campaign commercials blasting during every single local commercial break on TV and cable. Few, if any, commercial messages contain real information that I can logically utilize in rendering a sound voting decision. Everyone is claiming that only they can or will change governance in Washington, the State Capitol, or local offices when any fool knows each candidate represents only one vote once in office.

Let me draw to your attention the column written by Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, who is legendary for his Democratic liberal views. Please take a few minutes to read the column that appeared in my local edition of the South Bend Tribune.


I am going to totally shock my good Democrat and liberal friends, and surprisingly I have several, because I totally agree with the sentiments expressed by Robinson’s column. The only problem with the piece is that he is apparently suffering from a very myopic point of view. Come on, Eugene, how about looking into your Liberal Democrat mirror, because the Republicans do not have a monopoly on looney candidates for the November 2010 election.

Without listing the numerous loons currently serving and/or running, what about the Senate candidate in Connecticut, Democrat Richard Blumenthal, who claimed numerous times that he served IN Viet Nam when it has been proven to be a bald face lie; he never left the USA. Should anyone trust this type of individual to serve in the U.S. Senate?

In fairness, I also question the qualifications of Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut, Linda McMahon, who is the wealthy former wrestling executive.

Are these two the very best the entire State of Connecticut could find to run for a very important office? At least McMahon met a payroll, while Blumenthal has repeatedly lied, and fed at the public trough as a professional political.

The point I am attempting to make is that we, the voters, are at fault for permitting our political parties to nominate questionable candidates with little intervention from the electorate. Yes, there are primary races, but typically the candidate endorsed by the Republican or Democrat party is the winner.

We basically take the party endorsed candidate, elect him/her to hold an elite position which will impact our daily lives for years to come and the affect the future of our country. Honestly we have nobody to blame but ourselves for permitting this situation to flourish and metastasize.

Is there anyone who will run with one shred of intelligence and has simply the long-term best interests of fellow citizens at heart?

I share Robinson’s concerns about loons in the Halls of Congress, and we have the opportunity to vote all the current loons out of both the Senate and House making room for seats filled with fresh ideas and ideals. But, what I predict is seats replaced with younger fresh-faced loons due to voter apathy. Isn’t that pathetic?

Your Commander would be interested to learn Robinson’s opinion about the influence the hordes of money have that flows into the various campaign war chests. Do you suppose for one minute that is the reason the rich do not complain about paying higher levels of income tax, because their money can buy anything including influence? Think about it.


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