Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Your Commander was pleasantly surprised to read that the prestigious Harvard Club in New York City rejected the membership application of CNN host Eliot Spitzer. It was reported on Daily Finance.com that the disgraced former New York Governor, former New York State Attorney General, and graduate of Harvard Law School had applied for membership to the 123 year old mid-town Manhattan club, and his membership was denied.

The Harvard Club rarely turns down qualified applicants, but apparently Spitzer’s resignation as Governor due to his involvement in a federal investigation that identified him as a frequent client of a prostitution ring. In addition to Spitzer’s rejection by the Harvard Club, his new CNN television program called Parker Spitzer has debuted to extremely poor ratings.

It is your Commander’s opinion that the Devil is getting his due, and it is long over due. What do you think?

Spitzer’s misbehavior has been protected for far too long by his father’s vast fortune, and CNN, in its desperation to achieve ratings, was wrong to hire him. Spitzer should be in jail for his failure to perform his official duties as an elected official, and in my opinion should be shunned by one and all.

Finally, some entity has stepped forward and taken a stand that indicates that bad behavior deserves negative consequences. Congratulations, Harvard Club! Maybe this will start a long overdue trend that calls for accountability for celebrities and other notables, not to mention all of us. Let’s hope this type of rejection becomes standard operating procedure across the country.
Accountability makes our daily lives much more enjoyable and just.


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