Monday, October 18, 2010


Let me be perfectly clear (to use a favorite political expression) that this will be my initial reaction to the best-selling Bob Woodward book –OBAMA’S WARS. I am not yet finished with the book, but about one-half way through the fascinating 380 pages.

To say that this is an important book is a huge understatement. Woodward is to be saluted for his outstanding research and extensive interviews that put him in a position to provide readers with a behind-the-scenes peak at the inner-workings of the White House. I am finding some very troubling scenarios developing, but in fairness I should complete the read before drawing firm conclusions.

As this vitally important election rushes forward I believe this is a book that every voter should read, because the revelations contained could just impact your vote. For instance, the implications of our involvement in the Middle East are multi-facetted and will continue to impact our country for decades.

Let me warn you that this is not a book that one can read while watching your favorite television programs out of the corner your eye. You have to concentrate when reading this book.

I will report to you shortly with my final observations and comments.


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