Monday, October 11, 2010


As your Commander continued to beta-test the Lazy boy chair, I was under whelmed by the recent televised announcement by President Barack Obama that his trusted aide Rahm Emanuel was departing the White House with the blessing of his Commander in Chief. Of course I was not surprised by the announcement, because it has been rumored for some time that Emanuel had his eyes set on the Chicago Mayor’s office. Since the recent revelation that Mayor Richard M. Daley would not seek re-election, Rahm wasted no time in arranging to leave the White House.

Have you wondered if Emanuel had advance word from Chicago’s King Richard of his intensions? Daley’s decision did not just come out of the blue, but was based upon pure, well-considered political calculations that his re-election would be problematic at best. In addition Maggie Daley, his wife, has been battling breast cancer for several years.

Rahm’s return to the city has filled all the Chicago newspapers and television airwaves with extensive coverage of his plans to enter the Mayor’s race, but time is of the essence. Candidates must file to run by November 22, 2010, election will take place February 22, 2011. If no candidate receives 51% of the vote, a run off between the top two candidates will take place April 5, 2011. The new Mayor will be sworn in May 16, 2011.

The big question being asked is how Emanuel can be a qualified candidate, since clearly he has not been a resident of the City for the past year. Remember, this is Chicago, and certainly some Judge will find a way to get around the clearly stated law, but it will be a good example of just what everyone in Chicago should expect from an Emanuel Administration if he is elected.

His run for office will bring a crowded field of mayoral hopefuls coming from every single ethic segment of the City. Rahm’s reputation as a frequent user of four-letter words is already drawing critical comments from the sizeable Chicago Jewish community. This may be the very first real challenge to the old Democratic Machine. The huge Black and Latino communities want a piece of the pie, and they believe Obama has let them down.

Rahm is in for a big surprise. His return will not be a casual walk in Lincoln Park. He will have to pull out all his political back-room deals to pull this one out of the hat. Don’t count him in just yet, but certainly don’t count him out. His old Boss, the Commander in Chief, has plenty of PORK to throw around when it is time to count the votes. Remember more than one election has been stolen in Old Chicago, and why should honest elections suddenly become fashionable when the leopard is not known for changing his spots.

Believe me, many books will be written about this next Chicago Mayor’s election. The contents of those books will sound fictional, but the truth will ultimately be told. The story will not be pretty, and most likely it will be an ugly reality tome. At some point in time the full facts about Emanuel’s dealing with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., jailed politically connected Tony Resko, and Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias will be revealed.

As the flame-throwing advisors continue to bail-out of the inner-circle of the White House wouldn’t you like to be a mouse in the corner of the second floor private quarters? I would place a bet that there is contention in the room these days, because the bloom is obviously off the Administration’s rose.


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