Monday, October 25, 2010


Despite the fact that pundits report negative political commercials are effective, the public says they hate them. Yet recent history shows that negative campaigns work. As a result, currently the airwaves and print attack ads flood the consciousness of the American voter.

Personally, I am offended because the political operatives think I am dumb enough to fall victim to their phony manipulation. Lies and distortions are just that, and most campaign ads fail to tell me why I should vote for any candidate.

My local newspaper recently ran a poll of its readers, and the results prove my point. Overwhelmingly the readers voted political advertising was too negative by 93% compared with only 7% who felt it was not.

In just eight days (or the nine in some cases) we will know the outcome of the races around the country. Political scientists may have a difficult time concluding the results, because both Democrat and Republican candidates have gone negative in this campaign. I am afraid some who tell the biggest lies might win the golden ring.

It makes me ill that negativity rules the day. We are losing something in seeking the civil discourse we are entitled to in the political process. Could this, just maybe, be one more indication that the demise of the democratic process is beginning? I shudder at the thought.


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