Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In my daily scanning of the internet I ran across a most interesting, and yet disturbing article at I believe you will be as shocked as I was when you read the Bruce Watson article at the following link:

After reading the article one is surely concerned about the future economic vitality of our country. It is most troubling to suspect that the middle class is vanishing before our eyes, and it is apparent that manufacturing jobs will not be coming back within our life time.

Disturbing too is the fact that while our political leadership keeps pushing its great concern and desires to serve the middle class, it is the welfare class citizens who are growing substantially in numbers and are the segment that is causing the greatest drain on our economy with the unsustainable entitlement obligations. We hear the politicians talking about jobs, but I have not heard anyone talking about replacing manufacturing jobs.

Initially I wondered why the economically disadvantaged and the wealthy did not complain about being ignored by the politician’s constant reference and preference for the middle class. Upon reflection, the poor cannot complain, because they are obligated to vote for the politicians that feed them entitlement checks, and the wealthy have so much money they just want to keep out of the sight of the public’s scorn. With the middle class vanishing, where will the selfish politicians turn next to feed their financial war chests? This equation equals economic chaos, and massive disruption down a shortening road’s time span.

One must wonder when some politician will have the guts and vision to stand up and tell America just how and when we will address our escalating national debt obligations. Someone must take a cut when it comes to entitlements, but I suspect that the politicians will continue to try and drain every possible dollar in tax revenue from the small segment of the population that has any remaining wealth. After they are tapped out they will continue down the food chain, and drain the few remaining dollars of the middle class to feed the growing poorest segment which is the increasing entitlement obligated crowd.

An increasing number of votes are in the ballooning lowest economic part of our population, and their desires can control the election process. I do not know about you, but that scares the hell out of me, because it spells ultimate bankruptcy and the demise of our society as we have known it. Problems of this nature lead me to desire term limits, which would eliminate professional politicians. Big government has clearly become far too big and costly for our long-term economic interests.

We desperately require unique politicians such as Chris Christie, the new Governor of New Jersey who tells it like it is and takes the necessary action to address and solve his State’s economic calamity.


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Rollie T said...

Chris Christie is refreshing. Great blog! I'm going to post this article on my FB account. Keep it up!