Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Fortunately we have less than four weeks until the mid-term election, because I am about to the end of my wits with the political commercials currently flooding our airwaves. One must wonder just how dumb politicians think the electorate is when positions are constantly distorted with broad-brush negative advertising. Professional political specialists say that negative advertising works, if that is true it does not speak well for the intelligence of voters.

In the 2nd Congressional District of Indiana both the Democrat incumbent and his opponent, a local State Representative, are throwing distorted claims at each other, and the amount of money being spent is off the charts of sanity. The Congressional seat from this District must deliver an opportunity to make a fortune if you win, so they are spending millions of dollars to secure the office. I question the propriety of raising and spending excessive amounts of money to be a public servant. I’m getting, yes, older, but oh so much wiser...aren’t these actions suspicious to you, too?

History shows that politics can be a very dirty game, and I suspect that it is getting worse and not better. We cast aspersions on foreign governments where graft is open and flagrant. Our governments, from cities to the federal level, nearly daily deliver news of officials abrogating the contract with voters.

Politicians wonder why the electorate no longer trusts. They have no one to blame but themselves. Republicans and Democrats are both guilty of telling us one thing to get elected, and then once in office doing just the opposite. President Obama wonders why his poll numbers are down; just look into the mirror, remember the promises he made to get elected, and compare his actions after catching the golden ring. Promised transparency is no longer part of his administration’s vocabulary.

It is most difficult to trust any of our politicians, so come this election I am investigating each and everyone closely before I cast my ballot. Remember, we get just what we elect. We are all to blame for the quality of our elected officials currently serving in Washington. I have learned my lesson, but from now on I will never vote for anyone who does not look me straight in the face without a teleprompter, and answer my questions directly without evasion. Straight talk is essential to get my vote.

Remember to study all the candidates closely, including those running for your local School Board, judges, city offices, county offices and state offices. After that, cast your vote. If you fail to vote, keep your mouth shut as you place the yoke of tyranny around your neck.


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