Wednesday, October 27, 2010


And Throw Away the Key

Recently I have written about my personal scorn for coddling celebrities, and now we have another disgusting incident with legendary bad-boy Charlie Sheen at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Take a look at the attached article from

Recognizing that my conclusions are frequently ultra-conservative, I do believe that the entertainment industry owes its money-tree public some action that indicates it still has one shred of integrity left in its business model. Sheen’s movies and his current long running hit television program, “Two and A Half Men” generates massive ratings and mega-income for CBS-TV and Sheen, but the guy is a spoiled, crude, drunken, drug soaked bum.

Tragically, it seems we cannot depend upon the Colorado, California or New York courts to take appropriate action, because they keep giving this creep a pass time and time again. Clearly Sheen is a danger to his children, and society in general. CBS should stand up and take Sheen off the program or close the sit-com down completely in the interest of establishing some degree of moral and ethical standards. To do anything less indicates just where CBS’s motives rest.

Personally, your Commander believes that while Sheen is obviously a very disturbed human being, he has repeatedly been given a very generous pass. It is now time to place him in the slammer along with all the other dysfunctional celebrity jail birds. It is time for someone or something to scare the hell out of this pampered, over-paid horses’ ass. This case is beyond a health issue, because it is now time for him to pay his dues to a society that has made him wealthy.


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