Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Ethics Trial Date Uncertain

As the days quickly pass toward the mid-term November 2nd election there are many other significant activities taking place in Washington. Let me draw your attention to a very interesting article from the pages of the Washington Post concerning Representative Charles Rangel’s (D-NY) November 15th House Ethics Trial.

I do not know about you, but when I read this article I immediately became suspicious that some kind of backroom deal is taking place that will result in good old boy Charlie getting a gentle slap on the hand for his appalling numerous lapses in judgment, unethical behavior, and criminal acts. Time and time again we have seen the politicians protect their own, and if that is the case here, it is just one more example why the public holds our members of Congress in such low regard.

Your Commander suggests that you not hold your breath for Charlie to receive the decision from the House Ethics Committee that he deserves. The really sad part of this ongoing saga is that Charlie’s constituents keep re-electing this crook to feed at the public trough.


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