Sunday, October 24, 2010


As you may have guessed, I frequently view Fox News programs, but with a very critical eye. Last week I was struck by a comment rendered by that blow-hard, egotistical Geraldo Rivera reporting from Afghanistan. In my opinion he is a journalist who loves to sensationalize any story he reports for TV, especially if it is in a foreign land where petulance and violence exists.

Now to the comment he made that I took exception with, “This is my 9th DEPLOYMENT to Afghanistan, if I can call it that.” It is your Commander’s personal opinion that any journalist is on a paid assignment, and he or she has the right and ability to accept or refuse said assignment.

In fact, when the Iraq War began in March, 2003, my son was there as an imbedded reporter for NBC. He and/or his photographer could have refused the assignment. They lived under the exact conditions the Marine unit they accompanied for weeks and received absolutely no special treatment. Stop for the night, take care of your tent, equipment, etc., yourself and they did. He has never, ever used the term “deployment” in regard to that assignment. The military personnel on DEPLOYMENT are doing so as part of our volunteer Armed Forces, and only in the rarest of cases do not have the option to accept or refuse an assignment to locations in harm's way.

Geraldo is handsomely paid, chaperoned with a personal staff (producer, camera, sound personnel at least) when he arrives at locations such as Iraq or Afghanistan, and it is unlikely he does not dig his own trench for his tent. He has “people” there. His visits are for a very short duration with living conditions far superior to the average GI Joe.

As a proud Armed Services veteran who served overseas in the Korean War, I resent this clown using the term DEPLOYMENT, which in my opinion should be reserved ONLY for our brave service personnel.

Geraldo’s biggest claim to fame was a highly promoted years ago hosting a sham program that opened what turned out to be the empty safe of legendary gangster Al Capone. Oh, and on his talk show some years ago when he was hit by a chair thrown by a Neo-Nazi.
Keep blowing your own horn Geraldo, but please understand many viewers know you for what you really are…A CLASS “A” JERK…or as your equally egotistical Fox pal, Bill O’Reilly, might say a “pinhead.”


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Anonymous said...

Great job, Commander. Geraldo, yup, he's one heckuva guy! I'm back and blogging. It's about that time with November 2nd around the corner. Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Keep in touch, Chris