Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Your Commander is astounded every time he views a daily Presidential Press Briefing, usually conducted by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, when no one asks the most pressing question of the coming years.

President Obama has rather successfully avoided formal Press Conferences; two, I think since he took office more than 18 months ago. He also made one address from the Oval Office this summer.

I think the big question to be asked is, “With a national debt somewhere around $13 trillion dollars, the new health care costs, the continuing support of efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, how do you propose to meet our financial obligations and avoid a financial collapse of our national economy?”

How long can the American taxpayer and voters of this country continue to follow a leadership that blindly avoids or refuses to address this national calamity? Better yet, how can the main-stream media fail to address this issue? The public should expect to hear the tough questions asked and, more importantly, answered. Let’s not forget Freedom of the Press provided by the First Amendment to the Constitution.


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Steve said...

Unforetunately, many out there still believe that this is all Bush's fault and Obama is working on "fixing" the problem. Biden said this just Monday.

Because the MSM supported Obama and helped get him elected, they'd had to admit they were wrong if they asked the tough questions.